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Leadership Meeting Notes

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Leadership Meeting Notes

Post by FG Vile XI on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:03 pm

Leadership Meeting Notes.

Date of Meeting: 6/2/13

Held by: MIG ANTHRAX XI (Skype Call)

Meeting Notes:

All members must take the Recruitment course that is administered by a Recruiter (DeathlyExPENCE). All members must understand the concept of recruiting properly so that we don't have random people popping in.

Promotion Requirements:
Every Member must follow the Promotion Requirement page to move up. For the blind people it's located in the Everything You Need to Know part of the forum.

Chain of Command:
This is one of the most important things to follow, all members must abide by this, and must follow it. General questions about the community, or anything minor get addressed through the CoC, but anything serious like missing a meeting, or possible inactivity goes straight to the Major, and if it needs to go higher, they still need to follow the CoC.

Major's Job:
Run Meetings, keep members motivated, keep members active, hold successful meetings / game nights, ect. Overall you are in control of your members. To move someone to the inactive list, it must be done with a good reason, and you must contact the member and tell them that they are now inactive. Remember the only way you can get out of inactive is if you message MIG ANTHRAX XI. After a month on the inactive list the member is removed.

Battalion General's Job:
Run battalion Meetings successfully, keep your Majors on track, game nights, try and bring new ideas to the Battalion to revolutionize it.

Brigade Commander's Job:
Keep your Battalion Generals on top of their Battalions, Hold Two Week Meetings for your Battalion Generals. Make sure they are progressing.

New Rank to the Rank Structure:
Council Member has replaced the rank of Co-Founder. There will only be 4 Council Members in MIG, and they will be hand picked by the Founder. Community Leaders need to prove that they are the best to make decisions that could alter the way MIG is run, and any other important ideas. The Council will run in a Democratic system so that MIG is a groups effort, and not just based on one person ideas.

Leadership Changes:
MEA Pretty 7S Has been removed for being a Clan Hopper. And all here "members" have been removed.

That raps up the Leadership Meeting, if i missed something please PM me on the site.

MIG Avenger BC
PtG Azazel DC


My History in MIG

- March 15th, 2013 (MIG Created)
- Founder & Chairman
- Acting District Commander of Genocide District
- Acting Brigade Commander of Sinful Brigade
- Head Admin
- Inactive Leader (4/20/13-Present)
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