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MIG's Laws

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MIG's Laws

Post by FG Vile XI on Tue May 28, 2013 3:14 pm

Table of Contents
1.1 About Mentally Insane Gaming
1.2 Xbox LIVE Member Profile
1.3 Meetings
1.4 Withdrawal and Departure
1.5 Community Relations
1.6 Joining Mentally Insane Gaming
1.7 Battalion Transfers
1.8 Poaching
1.9 Company Regulations
1.10 Chain of Command
II. Discipline
2.1 Types of Punishment

1.1 b. About Mentally Insane Gamers

Mentally Insane Gaming (MIG) was created in 2013 by a guy named Dylan (MIG ANTHRAX XI) and a bunch of Ex Leaders and members from the gaming community XG. The idea behind the community was to build a large gaming community that was built for gamers who have a passion for playing video games as a fun, social activity.

Built around a ranking structure that is fit for never ending growth and to create social experiences that inspire action. The rank structure offers the opportunity for members to stand up and lead a group of members. The leadership experiences gained in our rank structure can be put to use in real life situations and future jobs that a member may take on.

Since starting in 2013, MIG has participated on the games; Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Battlefield 3.

MIG is for Gamers 15+

Community Organization

Company - The Company is the smallest unit in IG. Consists of 14 ranked members and 6 recruits. A Major is the top ranking member of a Company.

Battalion - A Battalion consists of 84 total members, includes 1-6 Companies. A Battalion General is the top ranking member of a Battalion.

Brigade - A Brigade has a minimum of four(5) Battalions. A Section is ran by a Brigade Commander (BC).

District - A District has a minimum of one(1) Brigade and can have a maximun of six(6) Brigades. A District is ran by a District Commander (DC).


1.2 Mentally Insane Gaming's Xbox LIVE Member Profile

Gamertag: Members of MIG are encouraged to change their Xbox LIVE Gamertag to represent the community. It is NOT required and will not deny any member of a rank within the Rank Structure.

Motto: We ask that members of MIG to include in their Xbox LIVE motto, the Rank you Hold. For example (MIG Recruit)

Bio: In a members bio, we ask that you put the Battalion and Company that you are in. For example (MIG Devils Rejects Asylum Company)


1.3 Meetings

Meetings are important to keep communication and activity streaming within the community. Battalion meetings are mandatory for a Battalion General to host. Allows a company to catch up on recent events and discuss future events.

Must be scheduled in advance and announced well.


1.4 Withdrawal and Departure

Member Departure
A Member (Battalion General or below) is free to come and go from MIG without restrictions. Must return as a Sergeant in the Rank Structure.

Depending on how the member departs MIG, will determine whether or not they are allowed to return.

Leadership Departures
A Brigade Commander, District Commander, or Community Leader who retires is allowed to return as that rank at any time, with the approval of fellow leadership. However, if one retires and joins/creates another clan/community will not be allowed to return as that same rank.

A leader who was retired and joined/created another clan will return as a Sergeant.


1.5 Community Relations

Members of Insane Gaming are not allowed to be involved in another gaming community structure while participating in the rank structure here in MIG. Members who choose to disobey this rule will be stripped of their rank, and removed from the community.


1.6 Joining MIG

A member looking to enlist within MIG can do so by contacting a Recruiter, Major or posting an application in the Apply for a Membership forum. All members are required to have a working headset, an Xbox 360, one of the games we support and access to Xbox LIVE.

Members that have left MIG and are re-joining must go back as a Recruit and request to join a Battalion (Refer to section 1.4)


1.7 Battalion Transfers

A member wishing to transfer Battalions is allowed to do so once every two months. The Battalion Transfer must be approved by all Brigade Commanders and Battalion Generals.

If a member wishes to transfer Battalions more than once per two months. Member must have a valid reason and it must be approved by the Battalion Generals, Brigade Commanders, and District Commander(s).


1.8 Poaching

Poaching will not be tolerated. Poaching is a form of "stealing" or "recruiting" a member to join their Battalion/Company. If a member of the website is found poaching, he/she will be subject to a permanent ban from all of Mentally Insane Gaming (MIG).

Poaching in any form is prohibited.


1.9 Battalion Regulations

Battalion's cannot create excessive rules, excessive roles or cruel and unusual punishments in the Battalion Policies.

All Battalion policies must be passed by the District Commander. Any Battalion policy seen as a violation will be investigated and the required action(s) will be taken to make sure that Battalion policies meet guidelines.


1.10 Chain of Command

It is essential that members know and practice the Chain of Command, in order to ensure the smooth operations of the community. You should always be aware the order of the ranks as well as who your immediate superiors are in order to know who you should be reporting to, seeking help from, and receiving orders from.

It is also pertinent to understand that IG does have a rank structure, and varying amounts of authority come with each rank. Members should be aware of who has the authority to do what, as well as understanding that directives from leadership should be taken as such and are not optional if you wish to remain a member of IG.


II. Discipline


2.1 Punishment

Any member who disobeys or violates one or more regulations will be subject to one of the following consequences.

Probation - This is just a warning with no substantive changes to your posting abilities. You will most likely get a Private Message from the moderator or administrator that put you on Probation detailing why (so that you know what not to do next time).

Suspension - These place temporary limitations to a forum members abilities and last anywhere from 3 days to a month in length.

Ban - A ban is permanent. Bans normally go to members who violate one or more of the community Regulations, The Code.


New revisions or any restructure in the rules may be changed at our discretion at ANY and ALL times.


My History in MIG

- March 15th, 2013 (MIG Created)
- Founder & Chairman
- Acting District Commander of Genocide District
- Acting Brigade Commander of Sinful Brigade
- Head Admin
- Inactive Leader (4/20/13-Present)
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